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LCD TV Repair

Should I repair or replace my set? If the repair estimate quoted is more than 75% the price of a brand new unit, the general rule of thumb is to decline the repair. Remember that one can get a cheap LCD TV or a really expensive LED or DLP Flat Panel TV (which are quite expensive to repair sometimes due to the price of parts).

Regardless of the brand, you need to ensure that your warranty covers the value
of the TV and lasts for so long as you plan on keeping the set. If it’s readily replaceable then
replace, but for Plasma and LED units, really should get an extended warranty. If you decided that your best alternative would be to have it fixed, we’ll supply you with the most reasonable rates along with the best service, including our 90 day warranty which we honor immediately if you have any problems. Phone Clear View Television Repair at (727) 346-6063 for repairs or installation of your equipment.

Secrets Of Choosing The Perfect Repair Shop

Repair TV

Selecting a TV repair in Saint Petersburg, Florida isn’t as simple as many people think. Yes, it is easy to make the move to find somebody but it isn’t that easy to have your TV repair job done properly. Here’s what you have to know about finding the best TV repair shops in the Tampa Bay area:

First, you should not just go and get a list of the TV repair shops in an area say 30 miles away. This is not going to do any good. That’s because it’ll cost you more money to travel there than to buy the real service. So the smart choice is always to choose a reputable company with a good track record in Pinellas or Hillsborough which is less than 10 miles from where you live or from where you work. Make a list of all of these potential businesses and select from them.

Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Recommendations From Friends

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A study done this year titled Local Consumer Review Survey (2012) shows a significant rise in the amount of customers that are trusting online reviews when making a decision on which business to give their business to.. 72% of the individuals who were surveyed said they trust on-line reviews as much as personal recommendations. 52% of the people surveyed said that a favorable online review would make them more likely to select a local company.

The study was conducted from the midst of January to March 1, 2012. 18 questions get into a survey of 4500 local customers in the US, Canada, and UK. They had over 2800 respondents. This is the second phase of the study. The first phase was conducted in late 2010 and early 2011. This is a list of key findings from part 1 of the 2012 survey which looked at “Consumer Attitudes and Consumption of Online Reviews”: So if you want to repair tv check out the online reviews